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Brazil....  Aracruz  (Fibria)

Aracruz Celulose S.A.  
Aracruz Celulose.svg
Former type   Public
Traded as    BM&F Bovespa: ARCZ3, ARCZ5, ARCZ6
                   NYSE: ARA
                   BMAD: XARAB

company_slogan = -  Industry    Pulp and Paper    Founded    1972

Defunct    2009
Headquarters    Aracruz, Brazil
Products    Wood products
Raw material
Revenue    Decrease US$2.0 billion (2008)
Net income
Decrease US$644.5 million (2008)
Number of employees    6,060
Parent    Votorantim Group
Safra Group
Website    www.aracruz.com.br
Aracruz Celulose S.A. was a Brazilian manufacturer of pulp and paper.
In 2009 the company merged with VCP and renamed Fibria. The new company maintained its headquarters in Sao Paulo,
and is a supplier of bleached eucalyptus pulp. The current presidents are members of the Hungarian family, Ersching.

The company has two pulp making plants,
one in Aracruz city in Espírito Santo state and
the other at Guaíba in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
It also has forestry operations in these states as well as in the states of Bahia and Minas Gerais.

The major shareholders control the company's voting shares:
the Votorantim and BNDES,
the Brazilian National Economic and Social Development Bank. ARACRUZ's preferred shares, which constitute over half the company's total outstanding shares, are traded on the São Paulo (Bovespa), New York and Madrid stock exchanges.
These remain the two shareholders of Fibria.

The company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Sao Paulo, New York City and Madrid and now as Fibria remains on the BM&F Bovespa stock exchange of Sao Paulo.

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Images Google Maps of Aracruz
Images Google Maps of Factory Aracruz Celulose
The company's home page in Portuguese
The company's home page in English

 Brazil... Irani  

Celulose Irani S.A.
Sociedade Anônima
Traded as    B3: RANI3
Industry    Pulp and paper
Founded    1941
Headquarters    Porto Alegre, Brazil
Products    packages, Paper, Timber
Revenue    Increase US$235.9 million (2012)[1]
Net income
Increase US$12.8 million (2012)[1]
Number of employees      2,000
Website    www.irani.com.br
Celulose Irani is a Brazilian pulp and paper company that was founded in 1941, by families of the State of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil.

At that time, in order to provide infrastructure for the company project, they also built a Village so the workers could live closer to the plant. It was settled in Campina da Alegria, a district within the City of Vargem Bonita, State of Santa Catarina - Brazil. Nowadays, the city holds approximately 1.300 inhabitants, most of them directly or indirectly related to IRANI.

In 1994, Habitasul Grupo took over and the company was restructured and taken to higher competitive standards. Today, IRANI produces from seeds to wood, paper, packaging and furniture.

1    Divisions
2    Sustainability
3    International Subsidiaries
4    Competitors
5    External links and references
Currently, IRANI have the following business divisions: Paper, Packaging, Furniture, Woods and Resins and Forest Division, which are situated in the following locations: Vargem Bonita (State of Santa Catarina), Santana de Parnaíba (State of São Paulo), Rio Negrinho (State of Santa Catarina), Balneário Pinhal, and São José do Norte (State of Rio Grande do Sul). The company offices are in São Paulo (State of São Paulo), Joaçaba (State of Santa Catarina) and in Porto Alegre (State of Rio Grande do Sul).

IRANI assumes the commitment to cooperate with the well being of people and the environment including all the factors involved in the different production activities: clients, investors, workers, service providers and suppliers, consumers, the community, helping to provide suitable sustainable answers to the different demands.

The company has an environmental policy ruled by the ISO 9001: 2000 procedures which prevents the waste of scarce resources and tries to implement important behavioral changes in education, housing and quality of life.

International Subsidiaries
Recently, Celulose Irani launched a furniture brand for the North American Market, called Brastilo,[2] besides bringing to the consumer the Brazilian design and quality, the brand, since its start, is using the concept of being Eco-Friendly.

Suzano Papel e Celulose
Melpaper S.A.


Launched in November 2007, Brastilo is a furniture directed to the North American market.
Their concept is to bring the Brazilian design to their customers, while being environmentally conscious. They are an American subsidiary of Celulose Irani.

Industry    Home furnishing, Online Retailing
Founded    2007
Headquarters    Florida, U.S.
Products    Furniture
Launched in November 2007, Brastilo is a furniture directed to the North American market.
Their concept is to bring the Brazilian design to their customers, while being environmentally conscious.
They are an American subsidiary of Celulose Irani.

Fibria  Brazil....

Fibria Celulose is a Brazilian pulp and paper company,
created by a merger between Aracruz Celulose and Votorantim Celulose e Papel,
born positioned as a global leader in pulp, with production capacity exceeding six million tons of pulp and paper produced in seven factories distributed in five Brazilian states.
Much of this production is exported. The company has many distributor centers around the world and
five branch offices in São Paulo (Headquarters), Beijing, Csomád - Hungary, Hong Kong, Miami and Nyon, Switzerland.

Fibria participates in one joint-venture in Brazil, Veracel is the company which shares with Finnish Stora Enso

Fibria will be able to produce additional 6.7 million tons of pulp per year, when expansion projects planned before the merger are accomplished.[1] The company's main competitors are the Brazilian Eldorado Brasil and the Chileans CMPC and Arauco.

See also
Votorantim Celulose e Papel

Klabin  Brazil  

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Klabin S.A.                Klabin.svg
Type   Sociedade Anônima
Traded as    B3: KLBN3, KLBN4
Ibovespa Component  
Industry    Paper industry
Founded    1899
Headquarters    São Paulo, Brazil
Key people
Daniel Miguel Klabin, (Chairman)
Fabio Schvartsman (CEO)
Products    Paper, Packaging, Industrial sacks and Paper recycling
Revenue    Increase US$ 2.5 billion (2017)[1]
Net income
Decrease US$ 160.5 million (2017) [2]
Number of employees
Website    www.klabin.com.br
Klabin is the biggest paper producer, exporter and recycler in Brazil. The Company is headquartered in Sao Paulo

It is the leading manufacturer of packaging paper and board, corrugated boxes, industrial sacks and timber in logs. It has 17 industrial plants in Brazil and one in Argentina. Self-sufficient in wood, it has 218 thousand hectares of planted forests and 183 thousand hectares of preserved native woodlands. It was the first company from the pulp and paper sector in the Southern Hemisphere to have its forests certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), attesting to the fact that the company runs its activities within the highest possible standards of environmental conservation and socioeconomic sustainability. The History of Klabin starts with the arrival of two families of Lithuanian immigrants to Brazil; Klabin and Lafer.

1    Units
1.1    Industrial plants
2    References
3    External links
Industrial plants
Unit Argentina - Buenos Aires
Unit Angatuba - São Paulo
Unit Correia Pinto - Santa Catarina
Unit Betim - Minas Gerais
Unit Del Castilho - Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro
Unit Feira de Santana - Bahia
Unit Goiana - Pernambuco
Unit Itajaí - Santa Catarina
Unit Jundiaí - São Paulo
Unit Jundiaí - São Paulo - Tijuco Preto
Unit Lages - Santa Catarina - 1
Unit Lages - Santa Catarina - 2
Unit Otacílio Costa - Santa Catarina
Unit Piracicaba - São Paulo
Unit São Leopoldo - Rio Grande do Sul
Unit Monte Alegre - Telêmaco Borba - Paraná
Unit PUMA - Ortigueira - Paraná

   Its main competitor in the pulp  business is Arauco.     (vic inquired 5-30-2018)

Brazil.....Pulp      160,000 hectares planted      Production capacity at Guaiba mill:   1,705 million metric tons

Chile......Pulp 471 thousand hectares planted
5 Sawmills   Production capacity:   960,000 m

3 Mills    (Laja, Pacífico, Santa Fe)    Production capacity:  2 million 300,000 metric tons

58,000 hectares planted
2 Plants  Production capacity:  98,000 metric tons
1 Plant   Production capacity:  33,000 metric tons

Peru     Sugar Cane    (Vic inquiored 5-20-2018)      Grupo Gloria

   Sugar cane bagasse for sale from Peru  

Mexico     www.copamex.com/        Pondercel S.A. de C.V.  

Pondercel (Paper Mill) (Anahuac, Chihuahua)
Pondercel S.A. de C.V.
Phone: +52 (625) 581 - 9700 www.copamex.com/
Nearby cities: Chihuahua, Ciudad Juárez, Horizon Estates --
Coordinates:   28°28'52"N   106°43'36"W

Headquarters Monterrey
Av. Roble 300 Piso 2-4
Col. Valle del Campestre
San Pedro Garza García, N.L. México.
C.P 66265

Phone Number +52 (81) 5000 – 6000

Headquarters México City
Ave. Ejército Nacional #531 Piso 3
Col. Granada
México, D.F., Delegación Miguel Hidalgo.
C.P. 11520

Phone Number +52 (55) 2282 – 6900

Copamex North America     1201 N. Watson Rd. Suite 268      Arlington.
TX 76006    Phone. (817) 652 – 8932       Fax. (817) 652 – 8976
Copamex   1201 N Watson Rd    Arlington, TX 76006

Contact:    Raymond Radcliff    Title:    Manager   Phone:    (817) 652-8932

Copamex Central and South America
Tel. Movil: +57(315) 881.11.70


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